Regardless of our personal circumstances, what is it that we all want? There is one thing which seems to be the common, final desire for all of us and that is... to just feel good. To be happy…to be content...comiplete... The rest of it, including money, gurus, cool things, personal trainers, spiritual enlightenment, liposuction and other body 'beatifications', respect, houses, Jaguars, trucks and toys are just means to the final 'I-am-feeling-good' state, aren't they? Just different tools, methods and preferences to reach the same perceived destination...

Over the past 25 years Mata Physique has happened to emerge as a way to achieve the 'feel-good' state and we think it is the most economical way to happiness and wellness, both energy and time wise, for the simple reason that any other 'methods' with seemingly the same goal don't seem to work! Wellness, even though is being talked a lot about lately, is surely not such a wide-spread phenomenon in our society, is it? After all how many truly happy and healthy people do you know?

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Mata Physique sees wellness as the optimal state of psycho-physiological being. That is to say when your body and your mind, your psyche, are in the state of optimal wellness. You are happy, fit and balanced... Not according to any standards, beyond any ideas of what it should feel like... We at MP believe this state to be the most basic requirement for all the human endeavors.